Past projects

TeLeM Program

In the past, Ketura hosted the TeLeM program of the Kibbutz Movement that prepares young Israelis of Ethiopian background to cultivate their personal growth in a supportive environment. While living on Ketura, these young adults work on the kibbutz and spend part of their day in vocational study. From 2006 to 2020, your support helped Ketura organize extra activities that build self-confidence, independence, and leadership. We’re proud of the more than 30 alumni whose time here on Ketura was life-changing, and without a doubt more meaningful because of your support for their enrichment activities.

Red Tent

Merkaz Hashachar has contributed to numerous events to advance gender equality. In recent years, we have provided funding to the Red Tent initiative, a safe space for women to meet and discuss their needs.

Ketura's Red Tent

Books for toddlers

We have arranged a small library of toddler books about Jewish themes, Shabbat, and holidays including both board books for toddlers to look at themselves during synagogue services, and children’s stories for parents to read to them. These are enjoyed especially before and after the childrens’ Shabbat services.