Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Statement


 We are trying our best to ensure accessibility , and to provide accessible service to all.

1. Accessibility Statement:

A. level of accessibility – As of the installed plugin

B. The external plugin options:

*font size – by clicking on the letter א at the bottom of the add-on

* Changing the sharpness of the screen to dark / bright by clicking on the appropriate button

*Highlighting links 

*Stop flashing – click the stop flashing button in the add-on

* Changing the screen colors to black and white by pressing the appropriate button

* Changing the font to a readable font by pressing the appropriate button

D. The site is supposed to support the common browsers and their support for accessibility issues.

E. We strongly believe in providing equal service to every person regardless of who they are and in detail to a person with any disability! If you have suggestions for improving the user experiences on the website and with an emphasis on the subject of accessibility, please contact us by phone, email or through the contact form on the website.

2. Contact info:

Phone – 08-635-6666

Email –

3. Update date – May 2020