Sharing Kibbutz Ketura’s Vision

Each year, Keren Kolot at Kibbutz Ketura, the educational tourism branch of Kibbutz Ketura, hosts very special groups, each serving children or adults with exceptional needs. Keren Kolot and Kibbutz Ketura welcome these groups into our community and make every effort to provide them with a relaxing, enjoyable, informative and stimulating vacation. Merkaz Hashachar has provided essential funds to ensure the success of this endeavor.

Orim school in Eilat

Over the years, several of Ketura’s children attended Orim, a school in Eilat dedicated to children with disabilities. Merkaz Hashachar sponsored the cost of a hired bus so they could bring their classmates to Kibbutz Ketura and teach them about where they live.

Kibbutz Ketura Archives – a special room has been set up in recent years to preserve artifacts and memories created on Kibbutz Ketura over the years. An educational team manages the archives and shares the unique social, religious, economic, & cultural facets of Kibbutz Ketura in educational activities and tours for members, children, and visitors alike.