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In November, 1973, a group of young people, graduates of Young Judaea, led the way to
create a physical and spiritual oasis at Kibbutz Ketura

                     1973 - The beginning.                                         2016 - The dedication ceremony of the Ketura Archives.


a non-profit fund, was established to facilitate, coordinate and finance the many social, cultural, political and educational
projects through which Ketura’s members translate their vision into reality. Administered by the kibbutz’s members, the fund
gathers under its auspices a range of exciting and unique projects and concerns. Together, they express Ketura’s
commitment to a just and equal Zionist and Jewish society in Israel today.

We'd like to invite you to become a part of Merkaz Hashachar. The Merkaz’s agenda and concerns are in all likelihood part of
your vision of Israeli society as well. Donations, which are tax-deductible, may be addressed to the fund as a whole. Any size
donation is more than welcome. We are also interested in non-monetary contributions: ideas, time, advice, connections, etc.

Kibbutz Ketura now numbers 162 members.

*  Four new families have recently come to live in Ketura, beginning the
process towards full membership.

* At the beginning of 2019 begins the groundwork for the building of 25
new homes as part of our plan to increase membership with young

* Music Week, The Pini Soccer Tournament, and many activities around
the synagogue continue to grow and attract participants.

* At the beginning of
NOVEMBER Kibbutz Ketura celebrates its 45th.