The Tocker Foundation was established in 1964 by Phillip and Olive Tocker as a general philanthropic
foundation and to help disadvantaged high school graduates obtain a college education..  Phillip Tocker was
a practicing attorney, but changed careers in his later years by purchasing the Waco Outdoor Advertising
plant and later expanding to own outdoor advertising plants throughout the United States.  His vocational
career culminated to the position of President of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America with offices in
Washington, DC.  After retiring to Austin, Texas in 1973, Phillip and Olive Tocker actively pursued their
avocations.  Phillip and Olive Tocker endowed the foundation with their estates in 1994 and 1993 respectively.

In 1992 the foundation board decided to focus grant distribution to small rural libraries in Texas, serving a
population of 12,000 or less.  The direction is to assist libraries in making services more accessible to
individuals who by reason of distance, residence, handicap, age, literacy level or other disadvantage are
unable to receive the benefits of public library services.  Grants are distributed to assisting libraries to serve
as community information referral centers and provide literacy and bilingual programs.  The foundation
partners with community libraries to meet the particular needs of the community.

The Foundation board members are Dr. Robert Tocker (Chairman), Mrs. Barbara Tocker, Mr. Mel Kunze, Dr.
Brooke Sheldon and Mr. Darryl Tocker (Executive Director).  Grant applications are evaluated by a permanent
committee of the Texas Library Association.  Over the past years the board members have seen inroads
made towards library automation, reference volumes reduced to laser disks, construction of facilities and
expansion of services.  Grants have been extended for outreach and "shut - in" programs, library automation,
enhancement of services, adult reading classes, after school projects, bilingual material and many other
projects initiated by the community public library.  We look forward to serving in this direction for many years.

Tocker Foundation

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