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February 7, 2014

To the supporters of Merkaz Hashachar,

In the name of the members and children of Kibbutz Ketura I want to express my thanks to you, the
supporters of Merkaz Hashachar for your generousity throughout the years and in particular in honor of our
40th anniversary.

The Ketura community celebrated 40 years of "making the desert bloom" coinciding with the end of
Heshvan, the Hebrew date of the establishment of Kibbutz Ketura and the weekly Torah Portion of "Hayei
Sara" where Ketura is mentioned.

We opened on Thursday evening 24 October 2013 with a toast to good health and success by Judy Bar-
Lev. The evening was highlighted by documentary photos, songs, dances and live music until the wee hours
of the morning.
The following day we turned the kibbutz into a county fair of historical stations, including activities of all
kinds, more photos, remembrances of members who have passed on, visits to our solar panels and algae
businesses – a day to remember for a long time. This was followed by our traditional ceremony including
honoring all the members, welcoming new members, original songs and a very, very large and beautiful
birthday cake. The evening brought us to Kabbalat Shabbat and dinner was followed by dessert outdoors.
Shabbat morning we were treated to services led entirely by our children from the ages of 6 to 38. We
closed the weekend with a luxurious kiddush and closing remarks by Carol Hoffman.

During the past few months we have continued with numerous activities with the 40 year theme.

On Friday May 2nd 2014 we will have another celebration, an OPEN DAY where all of our friends and family
are invited to see our accomplishments of 40 years.

With thanks to all of you.

Judy Bar-Lev
Kibbutz  Ketura  Celebrates  its  40th
A very big birthday cake.      
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Ketura's new internet site:
The children of Ketura from 10 to 38 years of age.