Each year, Keren Kolot at Kibbutz Ketura, the educational tourism branch of Kibbutz
Ketura, hosts very special groups, each serving children or adults with exceptional needs.
Keren Kolot and Kibbutz Ketura welcome these groups into our community, and make every
effort to provide them with a relaxing, enjoyable, informative and stimulating vacation.
Needless to say, the generous help of Mercaz Hashachar is essential to the success of this
endeavor. The following are examples of some of these group—learn about them and their
amazing activities and hear what they thought about their time spent with us at Kibbutz

Additionally, this year the staff of Keren Kolot has decided to subsidize visiting groups
of Israeli soldiers and officer training courses.  We believe that exposing these young
Israelis to our community and our approach to Jewish tradition is part of Keren Kolot's
original mission—to listen and to be attuned to the many voices of our tradition.
Beit Elisha is a warm and supportive community for
50 developmentally and physically disabled adults.
Beit Elisha believes that individuals have the
right to live a rich and rewarding life in spite of
their trauma or handicap. It seeks to provide
adults with special needs with the social and
vocational skills
necessary to live productively and independently.
The program includes vocational training, therapies
and a rich cultural life. Members receive individual
and creative therapies utilizing art, dance and
movement, as well as therapeutic horseback riding and
massage therapy.
"Thank you for hosting us and for your warm and generous hospitality -
there should only be more like you!"
“The House of Wheels” is an  association for the
rehabilitation and support of disabled children and graduates
is a volunteer organization. The majority of our youngsters
suffer from muscular dystrophy and cerebral palsy.
The different activities of our society provide our
children and graduates with an enriched social life
development and helps them face the challenge of
We are devoted to the development and
integration of physically handicapped children in
Israel. We also give the  families a brief respite
"It's great to meet such good people along the way!"
The mission of the Israel Guide Dog Center
for the Blind
is to improve the quality of life of blind
people by providing them with safe mobility, independence
and self-confidence through the faithful assistance of
guide dogs.
Training costs for a guide dog, from the moment of birth until it
leaves the Center with a blind Israeli, are approximately $25,000.
home visits during the working life of the dog at no charge.
We sponsor a
tandem bike club,
where a visually
impaired Israeli sits
behind a sighted
volunteer and they
ride through
different parts of
the country side.
It's a great way to
get out in the fresh
air and raise
awareness about our
"Your warmth and hospitality lit our way in the desert."
Children and youth between the ages of 4 to 18 reside at Neve Hanna.
The social welfare agencies are responsible for placing children from
troubled family backgrounds at
Neve Hanna. The children cannot
continue to live with their families due to a number of problems, such as,
illness, addiction, crime and prostitution. Many have suffered physical,
psychological and/or sexual abuse.
Our goal is to furnish
each child and
adolescent residing in
the children's home
with a warm home in
every sense of the
word. They must be
helped to overcome
past experiences and
educated to become
independent adults in
the future.
Today 65 children and youth live at Neve Hanna. They come from all
over Israel and include children from all classes and ethnic groups of the
Jewish population. There are children of new immigrants from the former
USSR and Ethiopia, as well as children of those who immigrated to Israel
from North African and other Arabic speaking countries in the 1950's.
"Thank you for a taste of freedom, exploration and adventure!"
Keren Kolot and
Merkaz Hashachar
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