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Kibbutz Ketura, located in the midst of Israel’s Arava desert, was founded in the spirit of the Zionist and American values that its
pioneers brought with them: tolerance, equality, a desire for social justice and a commitment to Jewish traditions.

Now Kibbutz Ketura is the home of over 400 adults and children, and continues to renew its commitment to the vision it has
never abandoned.

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Kibbutz Ketura - aerial view
Merkaz Rose Halperin functions as a community center with
Synagogue, Classrooms, Meeting Rooms, and Rehearsal Rooms.
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Tu Bishvat - The community plants a garden together.
Arava Power Company, partly owned by Ketura,
and founded in Ketura, owns and operates
solar panel stations that provide electricity for
the Negev and Arava
Independence Day celebrations in Ketura.